James Byrne is a Birmingham painter and has had a studio practice in the city since completing his M.A. in painting at Birmingham College of Art in 1982. His work has been included in a number of important shows and he had a one man show at the IKON gallery in 1986. He was in the Ikon 21st birthday show touring to Hong Kong and also in English Expressionism at the Warwick Arts Trust, London where he showed with, amongst others, John Walker, Gillian Ayres, Bert Irvin and Terry Setch. He was included in Bill Gear and Friends at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the Jerwood Drawing Prize and was recently selected for the 2014 John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition in Liverpool. He has work in the Warwick Arts Trust permanent collection as well as that of Birmingham Museum, the IBM Collection and St. Thomas' Hospital, London.

       "Still life does not need to be so deadening, as is proved by the Walker Art Gallery's John Moores Painting Prize. Judged from open submissions and thus resistant to curatorial heavy-handedness, this year's show is full of intriguing variations on the genre. For manipulation of fat, oozing oil paint, James Byrne's radiant table top composition "Book" is the star.."

Financial Times July 16th - Creation Trumped by Curation. Review of Liverpool Biennial. Jackie Wullschlager  


Selected Mixed Exhibitions

1983  -  M.A. Fine Arts Show, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham   

1983  -  Work selected from M.A. Shows, Warwick Arts Trust, London

1984  -  English  Expressionism,  Warwick  Arts  Trust,  London    

1984  -  21 for 21. Twenty-one selected painters for Ikon Birthday Show, Ikon Gallery,Birmingham 

1984  -  Ikon 21 Show, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong   

1985  -  Leicester Collection for Schools and Colleges Show, Beau Manor Hall, Loughborough   

1985  -  Mid-Art, Dudley Museum and Art Gallery

1986  -  Derby Manor Hospital

1986  -  Phoenix  Arts  Centre   

1986  -  Wednesbury Art Gallery   

1987  -  Artists in Public, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Selected by Tessa Sidey of BMAG

1987  -  'A Second Glance', Cotton  Gallery, Midlands Art Centre   

1987  -  Arthur Anderson Show, Birmingham   

1988  -  Midland Contemporary Art, launch Show, Birmingham   

1988  -  Midland Contemporary Art, at Long & Ryle, London   

1988  -  'Artists in Public', Charlotte Street, Birmingham   

1988  -  'Artists in Public', Sheffield    

1988  -  Clare Stracey 'Midland Contemporary Art' Show, IBM, Warwickshire   

1989  -  Work  Selected from Birmingham Studios by Pete McCarthy, Lanchester Gallery, Coventry

1989  -  Clare Stracey 'Midland Contemporary Art' Show, Compton Verney, Stratford

1989  -  Artists in Public, B.A.T. Show, Gas Hall Gallery, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 

1990  -  B.A.T. Show selected by Bill Gear, Gas Hall Gallery, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 

1990  -  'Mid-­Art', Dudley Museum and Art Gallery   

1991  -  Midland Contemporary Art, Mixed Show, Birmingham   

1992  -  Midland Contemporary Art at West Midlands Arts Headquarters   

1992  -  Ikon Touring Show, Arcadian Shopping Centre   

1992  -  Mid-Art, Dudley Museum and Art Gallery   

1992  -  Midland Contemporary Art, Small Pictures   

1993  -  2nd City Art Show, selected by Robert Clarke, Gina Metcalf, Sylvia Wright, Birmingham   

1994  -  The 'Laing' Landscape Show, Work selected from regional shows, The Mall Galleries, London   

1995  -  'Internal External' West Midlands Arts, Birmingham   

1995  -  The 'Laing' Landscape Show, Bond Gallery   

1995  -  The 'Laing' Landscape Show, Patchings Gallery, Nottingham   

1996  -  Bill Gear 'Past and Present Friends', Birmingham Museum and Art  Gallery

2000  -  No. 9 The Gallery, Birmingham  

2000  -  Ashbourne Gallery, Ashbourne, Derby

2001  -  No. 9 The Gallery, Birmingham   

2002  -  No. 9 The Gallery, Birmingham   

2003  -  'Abstraction' Invited artist RBSA Gallery, Birmingham   

2003  -  The Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwood Space, London 

2003/2004 - The Jerwood Prize Touring Show

                  University of Gloucestershire,  

                  Pittville gallery                                                 

                  Rennie Mackintosh Gallery,  

                  Glasgow School of Art                                                 

                  EICH Gallery,  

                  University of Lincoln, Hull Campus, Hull                                                 

                  Promenade Gallery,  

                  The  Lowry, Pier 8, Salford Quays

2003/2004 - 'Flipside', Birmingham Artists Exhibition, selected by Ross Alderson, Emma Archer and Terry Grimley, St. Pauls Gallery, Birmingham     

2004 - 'Blueskies' Birmingham Artists Exhibition, selected by Jonathan Watkins and Sadie Plant, Custard  Factory,  Birmingham   

2004 - Summer Exhibition, New Gallery, St. Pauls Square, Birmingham   

2005 - Birmingham Artists, Small Pictures, Periscope Gallery, Lee Bank House, Birmingham 

2006 - Birmingham Artists, Line Up, Drawing Show, Periscope Gallery, Lee Bank House, Birmingham

2008/2009 - 'The Art of Birmingham1890 - 2008, Part 2 1940 - 2008', Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery   

2010 - Opening Exhibition, Reuben Colley Fine Arts, Birmingham   

2010 - 'Drawings', Reuben Colley Fine Arts, Birmingham   

2011 - 'Vista', Reuben Colley Fine Arts, Birmingham

2012 - 'Second Anniversary Exhibition' Reuben Colley Fine Arts, Birmingham

2012 - 'The Allotment Project' Ongoing Collaboration between Birmingham and Bordeux Artists. MAC Gallery - Curator - Graham Chorlton   

2013 - 'Leamington Open' - Leamington Museum and Art Gallery. Leamington

2014 - John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

2015 - 'Hinterland' 10 Painters, Exhibition Space Birmingham Arts Space Telson Building, Birmingham

2016 - 'Hinterland 2' Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Rugby



One  Person  Shows    

1986 - 'James Byrne Paintings', Ikon Gallery, Birmingham   

1986 - Ikon Touring Show, 'James Byrne Monotypes'   

1999 - Small Paintings, Westhill College, Birmingham   

1999 - 'Fields Series', Midland Art Centre, Birmingham   

2001 - 'Field Series', Kings School Gallery, Worcester   

2011 - 'James Byrne Paintings and Drawings', Reuben Colley Fine Arts, Birmingham

2012 - 'James Byrne Painting and Process', Research and Cultural Collections, Rotunda Aston Webb Building. University of Birmingham

Three  Person  Shows 

1992 - Midland Contemporary Art, Small Landscapes, James Byrne, Terry Shave, Michael Porter           




A number of Private Collections in London and The Midlands   


St Thomas' Hospital, London   

IBM Headquarters, Warwickshire   

Warwick  Arts  Trust,  

Permanent  Collection Birmingham Museum & Arts Gallery (From the William Gear Collection)    



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1989 - Arts Review - Review of Lancaster Show   

2005 - January Edition, Art of England Magazine   

2005 - August Edition, Birmingham Life Magazine Reviews


2014 - Financial Times July 16th - Creation Trumped by Curation. Review of Liverpool Biennial. Jackie Wullschlager    




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2008 - 'The Art of Birmingham 1890 - 2008' Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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